Everybody knows that puppets' heads are made of wood. Straw, sometimes.
Same story for the marionettes! No brain!
That's why we need strings and gloves for moving around.
And of course we can't read. At all. Just the images.

They tried to teach us, Tonino and Donatella, our puppeteers.
But we can't remember anything. Once, they opened my head.
Nothing inside. Only a family of woodworms.

But people shouldn't be as ignorant as we are.
Then we said: – Let's create a public library about the art of puppetry!
We can also put a catalogue on the Internet, so people can refer to it at home!
And we can lend our books, too. –
When someone comes in, I put on my fake glasses and pretend to read a book.
Too bad, nobody believes me.