Can I introduce myself? I'm Don Lollò, the scrooge from Pirandello's La Giara (The Oil Jar).
Do you know the story? Old Uncle Dima, trying to fix my broken jar, gets stuck inside.
He can't escape without breaking the jar. But I want back the money I spent for it.
If he doesn't pay, I dont' break the jar. If he don't get out, I can't use the jar. Mortal enemies!
But it's only fiction: in private life Uncle Dima and I are best friends.
After the show, we spend good time together:
joking and laughing, in front of good plate of sawdust.
Anyway, stop speaking of me: I'm going to tell you about our company,
our shows and so on. The history begins in 1980, when Donatella and Tonino, our heroes,
tried to do something absolutely new. At least new for Sardinia. A puppet show.
Every culture in the world has its own traditional puppetry.
Or animation theatre, as cultivated people call it. The same for Italy:
every region, every town, from Venice to Naples, has its own.
Sardinia is the exception: a beautiful island but no puppets at all.
There are the Mamuthones, but they're just masked people.
There's not even a Sardinian word for puppets,
so they named the company Is Mascareddas, that means The Little Masks.
But, you know, Sardinian people is pig-headed...