Usually we don't speak a lot. Rather, we play.
We are the Big Band from Una Notte in Tunisia (A night in Tunisia), our big show about the history of Jazz.
But we'll talk later about that. What was Don Lollò saying?
Tonino and Donatella's ambition was to start a puppet company but in Sardinia, their native region, there was not such a tradition.
No established company to affiliate with, no experienced master as a teacher.
They needed to re-invent that millenary art. By doing mistakes. Many mistakes.
Trying, failing, trying again. And again. But at last they made it.
September 15, 1980: Fantasia Musicale (Musical Fantasy) is presented.
In a theater? Not really. Rather in the street. You know, it's the tradition.
The audience is very close to the stage, and you can hear them. Most of them are children, and they are very demanding.
So you can immediately know if things are doing well or not.
Sardinian kids never saw a puppet show before, but they got used to it very soon. That first time was good enough. Nice puppets, nice story. The stage din't crash. And, most important of all, the improvisation worked.
Because improvisation is fundamental in a puppet shows. This is not a movie or a television show. You can't just act the part, you have to be that character. And if the audience ask questions, you must answer.
And be funny, too. Life is unfair.