Hey, you! What are you doing here? Your papers, please!
What? Do you want to know the Company's history?
Well, in this case... What exactly do you want to know?
Oh, yes...The first show, the first contact with the audience...
Well, since then we didn't stop anymore. In 1982 we created Il soldatino del Pim Pum Pa (The little soldier from Pim Pum Pa), the story of a young soldier who left his country chasing criminals (it's almost my life) but then he found out that the real bad guys... 1984 was the year of Chicchirichì Gran Varietà (Cock-a-doodle-do Great Variety Show): music and dances from exotic countries. Zi Bi Bo was presented in 1985. It was the story of the Emperor's new clothes: the fabric was so thin that the Emperor went around naked. What a scandal! But the kids found it very funny. In 1986 we adapted a great classic piece of italian literature: La giara (The Oil Jar) by Pirandello. One of our most acclaimed shows! Have you met Don Lollò? What a pig-headed guy! But old Uncle Dima was also a tough one. It was an epic fight, with a surprising end. You have to watch it! In 1987 we presented La Cuccagna (The Land of Plenty): a former trainer of messenger-pigeons tries to make money by creating a bird-only theater company. The same year, it was the time of one of our biggest productions, Una notte in Tunisia (A night in Tunisia). Many characters, special effects, great music. A show about Jazz history. There was also the Big Band that you met before. I loved that show. I am a policeman, but in my free time I love to play the saxophone.