Let's go on. In 1988 we presented Gran Baraonda (Big Confusion). A nice variety show with a lot of musical numbers. In 1990 here's L'apprendista stregone (The Sorcerer's Apprentice), a fable about the environment where one can find out that each single creature is necessary to the harmony of Nature. 1991 is the year of Concerto di mezza estate (Mid-summer concert): the inhabitants of a village don't like the cricket's music, so he is exiled. But at the end he will save the village. In 1992 we have Siparietto (Little Curtain), a simple show behind a folding screen, with singers and musicians.
But in 1993 Tonino and Donatella have created something absolutely new: Areste Paganos! Like every other region of Italy, even Sardinia has finally its own mask. A sort of national hero, son of Pulcinella and Belzebu. A good guy, just a little wild.
And we, the Sardinian puppets, are very proud of him. The first title is Areste paganos e la farina del diavolo (Areste Paganos and the Devil's flour), a kind of Romeo and Juliet story.

Hey! Has the policeman gone?
Phew! Better if he doesn't see me. Why? Maybe I'll tell you next time.