Sorry. I know I'm late. I was at the barber's shop.
To adjust my hair-style, you know. Were we speaking of Areste? He's the most famous puppet of the Company. In 2001 was published a book about him. He even had his own TV show, in 2003.
But let's go back to our productions. 1997 was the year of Areste Paganos e i giganti (Areste Paganos and the Giants): in this show our hero defeats two bullies without any violence, rather by using his brain and his irony. In 2000, we presented Rebecca, le avventure di una gallina (Rebecca, or a Chicken's adventures). Sensitive Rebecca is sad, depressed. Only dance and love will give her back the joy of life. Chi ha paura della mortadella? (Who's afraid of mortadella?) is a 2001 production: the story of a boy – the Death's son – who loves Life. In 2005 here's again our superstar in Areste Paganos e lo strano caso di Trastullas (Areste Paganos and the strange case of Trastullas). The inhabitants of a quiet village are bored. So they create a public menace to put emotion in their lives. Things go bad but Areste will solve the problem. In the same year there's a co-production with Laborintus, Le storie di Leo (Leo's stories):
a reading of Leonardo Da Vinci's fables, with live music.
And when the subject is music, I feel touched. Indeed.