Were you speaking of me? Thank you very much, indeed. Yes, I know: I'm the most famous of Sardinia's puppets. Almost a colleague of Harlequin's! What can I say? My father Pulcinella told me that is always better not to be too conceited: maybe today kids prefer playing videogames than watching puppet shows.
But let's go back to the Company! My friends told you everything about our shows, but there's more to say. We brought to Sardinia the great artists of animation theatre – not only from Italy but also from other countries – to take part to our festivals, like Burattinando in Città (Puppeteering in the City), L'altro volto del Teatro (The other face of Theatre), Al centro del Mediterraneo (At the center of the Mediterranean) and Marionette (Marionettes), which is exclusively dedicated to string puppets.
But our festivals are not only for big cities; Marionette al di sotto dei 5000 abitanti was created for little towns or villages that have less than 5000 inhabitants. Without forgetting the other summer shows all over our island.
We too are invited to foreign festivals and puppeteers' meetings: Austria, Canada, Mexico. And it seems they enjoyed our work. At least they said so.
If you are good at doing something, teaching other people is the best you can do. That's why we held many workshops, with adults and kids. And we are especially proud of our experience with the boys of the Juvenile Jail of Quartucciu: they helped us to develope one of our most acclaimed productions, Pirandello's La giara (The Oil Jar). Let's stop here, I'm a little moved.